Marylisa Fabian – COVID-19

I was hesitant to give my reflection on COVID-19 as I had struggle with isolation. There were a few underline factors that contributed to this feeling but the isolation was the tip of the iceberg. I was worried of my work, everything stopped, aged care facilities had to make drastic changes practically overnight, the elderly and their families were unable to see their love ones and I had to work from home; my kids had their work hours reduced; I was worried for my son on how he was going to cope not being able to do all the things he used to. However, the isolation actually didn’t bother him at all! My kids felt I was going overboard with disinfecting everything, but seeing what was happening in Europe and you have family there, you feel very differently and you ask yourself would I see Mum again.

Although there are many people who went over and above to help others (and I am a believer that there are more good people in this world than bad ones, it’s just not shown or talked about more), I have also seen the greediness and selfishness of people. It was heartbreaking seeing older people doing their shopping at 7am when there was practically nearly nothing of the things they needed, and they would go the day after again in hope to find what they need! I’ve complained a couple of times that, although it’s not the supermarket’s fault, it was unfair for those more vulnerable.

I am feeling a bit better now being able to get out and be useful again but it was hard. All the new technology, all the online tools available, meeting, conference on Zoom,  working from home etc. all great for some, but as I said before, the human being needs physical contact. I miss my colleagues but I am grateful for my friends helping me to focus.