Ada Costa

At the age of about 9 and half years I emigrated with my family to Australia.

At about November 1971 my family and I arrived in Melbourne after a 40 day trip with the ship GUGLIELO MARCONI. We then took the train to Adelaide.

Arrived in Adelaide stayed with my auntie and uncle who had previously settled in Adelaide a few years before us in Prospect, an inner suburb of Adelaide. My parents then bought at house in Prospect. I attended Prospect Demonstration Primary School until year 7. It was the period that the metric system was being taught in schools.

In 1975 I attended Adelaide Girls High School. This then became co education school and we were then moved to Adelaide High School, in West Terrace.

I was the only girl in the entire school who did Italian as a second language. My teacher was Lea TEDESCO. I matriculated in Italian, English, Maths IS, Biology and Geology. In 1980 I was accepted into the Flinders University of South Australia, where I did an Arts degree, specialising in Languages, Italian Spanish and French. I finished my degree in 1986.

I went overseas for about 3 years and lived in Pavia and Milano. I worked as a translator in a Forklift Company that had business dealings with English speaking countries.

In 1999 I returned to Adelaide and taught Italian to children and adults at the Italian Didactic Centre for 5 years years. I worked for 7 and half years at Sola Optical Holdings. There I became involved in a “Responsible work group committee” addressing occupational and health issues, staffing issues and new concepts.

I was also Executive member of Non English Speaking Communicating Group addressing issues of procedures and new methods to migrants.

In the year 2000, when I was about 37 and half years old, I applied to join the South Australian Police Department and I was successful. I attended the Police Academy for about 6 months and graduated in August 2000. After spending 4 years as a Patrol Officer at the South Coast Local Service Area.

In 2005 I successfully completed a prosecution course within the police department and I am presently working as a police prosecutor in Adelaide Criminal Justice Section.

I am in the specialised courts sitting at Adelaide Magistrate Courts prosecuting offenders in the Mental Health diversion court, and Domestic Violence Court.

I am very involved with communities activities.

I am a member of the Italian Carabinieri Association

I am an Executive member of the Co-ordinating Italian Committee (CIC) and of the Multicultural Communities Council.

I regularly take part to a talk back program at Radio Italiana, the local Italian radio station, explaining in Italian new legislation, traffic matters and fines

Being born in Italy and having emigrated to Australia in the 1970’s, I have needed to integrate with the community, I am more culturally aware of issues that concern Non English Speaking Persons, and respect each communities needs and priorities.

My major achievement was to enter the Police Force and feel that I can make a difference within the community.


March 2009