Language and Legacy: Maria Chiera and Rosa Filosi

Mother – Maria Chiera

Maria was born in Caulonia (Calabria province) in 1936 and arrived in Australia in 1960. Both her parents were Italian born. Now a widow, she has three daughters and eight grandchildren. In the first years after arrival the family spoke Calabrese and English. Now they speak Italian and English. While gradually learning to speak English in the early years, Maria continued to maintain her Italian language, sharing it with her family and within the community, particularly through her voluntary work assisting elderly people.


Daughter – Rosa Filosi

Rosa was born in Barmera, South Australia in 1966. Both her parents are Italian born. Her husband is of Italian origin born in Australia and they have two boys and a girl. Languages spoken in Rosa’s family of origin were Calabrese, Italian and English. Now in her own family English is the main language. Since her early years at school Rosa has been very interested in studying Italian. She has continued to deepen her knowledge of the language because for her it is the way to draw from the source of Italian history and culture.


Interviewer – Daniela Costa


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