Angela Scarino

My name is Angela Scarino. As my name suggests I am of Italian origin. I was born in Italy (Prov. Di Benevento) in 1954. My family came to Australia in 1957. Consequently all my schooling has been in Adelaide, South Australia. I attended East Adelaide Primary School, Adelaide Girls High School and subsequently Adelaide and Melbourne universities.

Most of my work to date has been in education, and in particular, languages education. It would be fair to say that I am passionate about the power of education and the power (and limits) of language in our lives. My knowledge of French, German, Italian and English, as well as educational linguistics, has provided me with opportunities to live and work in different parts of the world. For example, I have worked in Beauvais, France, as a teacher of English to speakers of French, and I have worked more recently as a Research Fellow in Hong Kong undertaking a major project in redesigning the primary and secondary school curriculum. In Australia, my work takes me to all states and territories. I value opportunities to meet, work with and exchange ideas with colleagues in languages and cultures education.

I am currently the Head of the School of International Studies at the University of South Australia. In the School, we offer programs in International Relations, Politics, Asian Studies, European Studies, Sociology, Literature and Languages and Cultures Studies. I am also the Director of the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures Education, a centre with a focus on research, curriculum development, teacher education and information exchange.

I do have other interests beyond my work. I have a love of the arts (theatre, music, dance, cinema, literature), food and wine, gardens, forests and the sea.

I look forward to exchanging thoughts and experiences with women through this site.