Language and Legacy: Antonietta Bonini and Tina Luce

Mother – Antonietta Bonini

Born in Altavilla (Avellino – Campania province) Antonietta arrived in Australia in 1955. Both her parents were Italian born. In the first years after arrival, Italian and Neapolitan were spoken in the home, then later also Valtellinese and English. Antonietta always maintained her Italian language because she was very homesick for Italy. She wanted her children to know about Italy and be able to communicate with relatives with whom she has always kept in contact.


Daughter – Tina Luce

Tina was born in Adelaide in 1969. Both her parents were born in Italy, her father in Valtellina (Sondrio – Lombardia province), her mother in Altavilla (Campania province). English is spoken in her immediate family. Tina learnt Italian from her mother and Neapolitan from her grandmother. She studied Italian in high school and uses the language in her work at Bene Aged Care where most of the elderly residents are of Italian origin. She was seven years old when she visited Italy for the first time where she began to learn the language more fully. Since then she has maintained contact with friends and relatives and takes pride in her linguistic and cultural heritage from both the north and south of Italy.


Interviewer – Giuliana Otmarich


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