Tiziana Torresi

I was born in Rome, where most of my family still lives, and a city I adore and miss very much. I came to Australia for the first time in 1998 to start a degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of New South Wales. I had a great time in my years as an undergraduate, I met many amazing people, some of whom are still my closest and best friends today. Thanks to two amazing teachers at UNSW, I discovered the discipline that would become my career, political theory. I also fell madly in love with Sydney, which remains one of my absolute favourite cities in the world!  

After graduating with First Class Honours and the University Medal, I moved to the UK, to pursue my doctorate at the University of Oxford. Oxford was a most exciting, challenging and stimulating place, and what I learned there, and the relationships I forged, still shape me as a person and an academic today and continue to be very important in my life, both personally and professionally. It was great fun! I also got my first full-time academic job there, at Worcester College. 

I came to Australia again in 2011, to take a position at the University of Adelaide, where I still am today, and where I have the privilege of working with amazing colleagues. I very much enjoy my research and my teaching here. My research interests are mainly in contemporary political theory and normative international theory. I have written extensively on migration, membership, integration, citizenship, and temporary migration and published widely on these topics, as well as won numerous grants and fellowships. I am a founding member of the Global Justice Network and Vice-president of ARIA, Associazione Ricercatori Italiani in Australasia. 

Migration has been a crucial and transformative personal experience in my private life, but that is sometimes very painful still, as well as the focus of my academic research and writing. I still live between Italy and Australia, both amazing countries, and so different! Both are home and not quite home at the same time. A feeling, I think, shared by many fellow migrants! 

December 2021