Language and Legacy: Reparata Spandrio, Sonia Pascoe and Isabella Pascoe

Mother – Reparata Spandrio

Reparata, born in S. Giorgio la Molara in Benevento, emigrated at a young age to Australia in 1955 with her mother Grazia and younger brother Mario and joined her dad Giovanni who had preceded them the previous year. When she was 18 she married Vittorio who had emigrated from Cosio in Valtellina and together had three children, Sonia being the daughter. Isabella, Sonia’s daughter, is one of Repa’s eight grand children. Italian was spoken in the family home and it was natural for the children to learn speak it as best they could and to learn about their heritage. Reparata has always had a passion and love for her Italy and continues to have a thirst to learn more about its history, art, music and culinary traditions. Her family is also particularly blessed and enriched with the influence of Argentina, Greece and Croatia through the children’s spouses.


Daughter – Sonia Pascoe

Thanks to her parents Sonia has spoken Italian since she was a child. But in the 1970s and 1980s once she started attending school where English was spoken it was difficult for her to carry on with the Italian language. Notwithstanding this, she has a passion for her Italian culture and would like to see her children carry on the traditions that have been passed onto her.


Granddaughter – Isabella Pascoe

Isabella is in High School and is a student of the Italian language. She has recently returned from her first trip to Italy where she had the opportunity to get to know the country where her grandparents were born. She speaks English and some Italian and is proud to be of Italian heritage.


Interviewer – Lara Di Fabio


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