How this site came about

This site was born thanks to the undertaking on the part of the new CGIE, through the mandate given to the Councillor Dr Daniela Costa, to continue to value and recognise the contribution of women of Italian origin in the Italo-Australian community.

The site hopes to assist in the networking process between women of Italian origin who live in different Australian States and women of Italian origin in the world.

The concept of networking was stressed greatly in the discussions at the Seminar on Women in Emigration held in Rome on 25-26 November, 1997. Networking was identified as a crucial strategy to put into force the proposals contained in the final resolutions document of the Seminar Women in Emigration. The Seminar proposed to analyse topics related to women in emigration in the light of the plan of action enunciated at the Beijing Forum.

At the beginning of 1999, Daniela Costa together with a group of women in South Australia set about creating this site in consultation with women from other states. These women are: Caterina Andreacchio, Marinella Caruso, Serafina Maria Maiorano and Paola Niscioli.

Our thanks go to:

  • Marco Fedi for his support in the initial phase of the site’s conception.
  • Angela Scarino and Vincenza Ferraro for their valuable suggestions and ideas in creating this site.
  • Women’s Health Statewide who welcomed the initiative of the creation of the site as an important activity for the advancement of women of non-English Speaking Background.
  • Comites across Australia.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The South Australian Government and The Cassamarca Foundation for their financial support.

A special thanks goes to all those women who have contributed so far.

2006/2004 Australia Donna working group

2005/2006 Australia Donna working group