Language and Legacy: Carmela Allegretti, Elena Castrechini and Deanna Pinder

Mother – Carmela Allegretti

83 years of age, Carmela was born in San Giorgio La Molara, Provincia di Benevento, Italy, the last but one of eleven children. She emigrated to Australia in 1956 and married Arturo, an Italian migrant born in Mazzano Romano. Carmela is the mother of two children, has four grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Together with her husband she has always maintained her Italian language, culture and traditions.


Daughter – Elena Castrechini

Elena Castrechini, 58 years of age, born in Australia, is proud of her Italian heritage. Having a San Giorgese mother, a father from Rome, her husband, children and grandchild all born in Australia, she has created a multicultural family, rich in languages, tradition and culture. Elena continues to uphold all of this in her workplace and at home with her family and friends.


Granddaughter – Deanna Pinder

Diana, 32 years of age, born in Australia, a young mother of her child, Sabastian. Proud of her Italo-Australian heritage she endeavours to speak Italian when in the company of her grandparents and family. She teaches a few Italian words to her little boy.


Interviewer – Vincenza Ferraro


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