Mia Spizzica

Mia Spizzica has completed a PhD dissertation at Monash University in the School of Literary and Cultural Studies. Her career as an educator includes teaching at the university of Siena in Italy, Monash University, University of Melbourne, and RMIT University in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Mia is a Research Associate at Museum Victoria and the Italian Historical Society in Melbourne. Her research interests include transgenerational memory, post-colonial interpretations of dominant histories, recovering memory and story-telling through first person narrative and subaltern interpretation, archival sciences, action research with participant collaborators. Her curated collection of 15 interviews and five scholarly essays Hidden Lives: War, iInternment, and Australian Italians is the first in a series of planned publications on subaltern experiences, especially during wartime in Australia and elsewhere.

2011 – http://theconversation.com/why-australia-must-apologise-to-italians-interned-during-world-war-ii-4582

2012  –  http://theconversation.com/when-ethnicity-counts-civilian-internment-in-australia-during-ww2-3273

November 2019