Break the Silence – Say no to violence

Friday, 28 April, 2023
10 am – 3 pm

Campbelltown Council Conference Room
172 Montacute Road, Rostrevor, SA 5073

Lunch provided.

Australia Donna presents a free seminar on domestic violence, exploring the repeating patterns of the exploitation, abuse and violence towards women.

Proudly supported by Campbelltown Council’s Community Grants Program.


Australia Donna Breaking the Silence – No to Violence Seminars 

In the course of 2023 the Australia Donna Association set out to make a contribution to education and awareness against domestic violence through a series of seminars aimed at women of Italian origin in Australia. The central theme of the seminars was to highlight the cost of remaining silent about domestic violence and abuse in the many ways it can manifest in their lives. It was highlighted how this silence has repercussions in the physical and emotional wellbeing of the victims , their children and family thus allowing the insidious cycle of abuse to continue to perpetuate itself across generations .

Speakers included Ada Scalzi, well known for her work as a Senior Police Officer in South Australia in the field of domestic violence. Ada provided statistical data along with descriptions of domestic violence situations faced in the course of her work.

Ella Lo Presti, a professional counselor and trainer in the field of social work, illustrated coping strategies, self-care and cognitive tools to support women in dealing with traumatic situations and for securing safety for themselves and family members.

Informational booklets, on services , and support in situations of violence and emergency contacts were distributed in the course of the seminars. The seminars were held in May and June under the auspices of the Campbelltown Community Council in South Australia.


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