Vincenza Ferraro – COVID-19

During the first few weeks the threatening effects of the pandemic appeared surreal. We were inundated with information on how to stay safe, sanitise, isolate and distance.

My children and grandchildren could not come to see us but left food and offered to run errands, whilst we lived in a protected bubble and feared for everyone’s well-being.

I turned daily to the PRAYER OF ST FRANCIS. It was instrumental in guiding me spiritually and in my communication and support of family and friends.

One evening we began receiving concerned phone calls as media releases were announcing the death of Frank Ferraro to CORONA virus the first in South Australia. It was not my husband but sadly another person of the same name and age.

A highlight of COVID-19 was the 100th BIRTHDAY IN LOCKDOWN of our amazing auntie Vincenza Di Blasio. Our families were also saddened by the passing of an auntie and uncle.

Life and death have left a memorable impact on all our lives during this pandemic, but we will be better human beings in the future.