Rosa Filosi – COVID-19

It is a time – gained even if annoying at first:

• Got back if you appreciate the benefits of the stoppage: no to mingling with people, no to interpersonal relationships, and hence a time of reacquiring time lost or wasted;

• Of reawakening and one of a shake-up to make one come to the conclusion of what matters in life;

• To consider it as gift: I had a chance to stay put and work from home;

• To rethink its preciousness and to be exploited favouring those things that usually take a back seat;

• Like a double edged sword because during this time my mother has gone back to God and she reminded us of a basic truth: in her day she used to hear about death by Tuberculosis; today it’s the dreaded Coronavirus.

Finally, Heaven is no longer a place that can wait or to be put out of one’s thoughts but one that is closer than one’s skin, just like the swab.