Lara Di Fabio – COVID-19

This experience for me has shed a light on many different things including the importance of family and health.

Most curiously, what I have learnt from the experience of working from home is how more flexible working arrangements should be implemented into the workplace so that people are able to work from home more often. In particular for my generation and age group, I have found that consistently amongst friends we have thoroughly enjoyed working from home and the flexibility it provides us to be able to have a ‘better’ work life balance. Further, it has provided new meaning to a ‘9 to 5’ job.

It has also shown me how important technology is and need for all (regardless of age or profession) to advance with technology and how without it how difficult the last few months would have been for society. In my profession in particular, the legal sector, we have had to urgently inform ourselves of new systems and ways to deal with cases in the court system without actually being in court. For once an archaic way of dealing with paper only, we have now had to find new ways to carry on with our work from ‘behind the screen’.

Ultimately, this experience has taught me to care more, be conscious of others around me and how dear life is. It has taught us that we do not really need as much as we thought. It has made us spend hours reflecting, to re-learn and to re-ignite passions for old things. It is something that will change our lives and the way will we carry on into the future.