Gianna Vorrasi – COVID-19

As the restrictions and physical distancing rules started and businesses closed, the long queues of jobless people waiting patiently outside  Centrelink offices was both confronting and very sad. This was the new reality for many who had lost jobs and it was beyond their control!  My  colleagues were the essential workers who helped them apply for jobseeker payments. My colleagues turned up to work day in, day out and I turned up to work every day too and without hesitation we all did what had to be done. No fear and anxiety for me- I was too busy and extremely grateful that I still had a job and that I was helping those in need!

During this time – I have witnessed a lot of kindness. Not only family and friends but work colleagues, acquaintances and strangers. People have shown more kindness, understanding and compassion.

At home, my sons have become the “parent” telling me to be careful, don’t catch the bus to work, they offered to drive me if needed- have never had that before! When I get home they ask about my day, they have really stepped up, they now do the grocery shopping and most of the cooking- this has been a very positive experience from a family perspective. It has brought us closer together and as a consequence we enjoy being at home more, we have dinner together each night and actually have conversations. We don’t mind the social restrictions too much.

We have all been impacted and continue to be impacted by this virus however, it’s my hope that all those that have suffered and those that are still suffering are supported by all of us that can. Sometimes it only takes a word of encouragement, a smile, an understanding glance- let’s look outwardly to feel what others may be feeling and be there for them.