Angie Morony – COVID-19

With the advent of COVID-19 life took on a slower pace for us. We were used to a busy life of caring for grandchildren, attending meetings and socialising and now we had to get used to the new rhythm of life of staying home. Although we were fit and healthy our children were very concerned about us as we were in the vulnerable age group and requested that we not see the grandchildren and family members. This was the hardest thing for us to cope with.

We got used to this solitary life and developed a pattern of daily routine. Keeping fit and healthy was a priority so we walked everyday. Keeping in touch with family and friends on line also became a daily activity and improved our technological skills. During this time we enjoyed some sunny weather thus allowing us to spend time in our garden which was very beneficial to our mental health.

One positive aspect of the lockdown was the teaching Italian online to two of my grandchildren, Lucy and Archie, who were very keen to learn their nonna’s language, whilst home from school.

An exciting event for us in June was the birth of our granddaughter Stella. Unfortunately for us she was  born in Torquay, Victoria, and we have been unable to visit her. We look forward to the middle of July when the travel restrictions are lifted and we are able to travel.

Fortunately we, our family and friends have maintained our health and look forward to life post COVID-19.