International Women’s Day 2019 Speech – Antonietta Cocchiaro

Good evening, Ladies, my name is Antonietta Cocchiaro and I want to thank the wonderful women volunteers of Radio Italiana 531 for asking me to speak with you this evening as we celebrate International Women’s Day. As volunteers for the radio, you bring joy to many people but especially the elderly who are at home, in retirement villages, and in nursing homes, so thank you for your dedicated service.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries and it’s the day that we recognise the achievement of women throughout the centuries but also acknowledge the hardship they had to endure and for many women they are still enduring today.


125 years of women’s suffrage in South Australia

The South Australian women’s suffrage campaign

Following its colonisation in 1836, South Australian settlers lived under British common law which made women subordinate to men in that they were subject to their fathers, and then to their husbands. Their property, income and children were the legal property of their husbands. As the nineteenth century rolled on however, certain progressive legislative changes began to occur that separated women’s legal identity from this archaic system, such as the 1858 Matrimonial Causes Act that allowed divorce, and the Municipal Corporations Act of 1861 that allowed owner/occupiers of property (including women) to vote in local government elections.


Italian Business Women’s Network: new business network empowers Australian and Italian women


The female who’s who of the Italian business community gathered Wednesday evening 23 October for the launch of the Italian Business Women’s Network, hosted at Ferrari Brisbane. Attended by over 130 guests from across the Australian corporate sector, the glamourous Newstead showroom for Italy’s most iconic supercar, was a hive of networking and celebration. Founder of the Italian Business Women’s Network, Mariangela Stagnitti, said the launch of the Network was a project two years in the making. “From the very beginning in 2017 when I started workshopping the concept, everyone I spoke to was incredibly supportive, and saw a real need for an initiative like this.”